Week 0: 58 kg
Week 26: 55,5kg

Before I started working with Nick, I thought I looked good and was not dissatisfied. In addition, the discipline to exercise has always been there and eating 'healthy' food went well. Despite the fact that I exercise a lot, I saw no progress. I just couldn't get rid of that extra layer of 'fat' and get the result I had in mind.

After 4 weeks I already saw visible results! And I have gained many new insights in the field of nutrition. I now eat twice as much, but within the right frameworks in combination with the right strength exercises.
My coach is great and gives me good tips to get even more out of myself. My goal now? Continue with my hobby: Fitness in combination with tasty and lots of food!

- Jemy

Week 0: 86kg
Week 21: 81kg

After about 1-2 years of not knowing what to do in the gym. I have not been able to achieve my desired results.
I also didn't get stronger with certain exercises and I didn't know exactly what the cause was.
I decided to choose Nick as my coach. The right choice. Not pushy but a very enthusiastic, friendly guy full of knowledge. Useful tips with the right dose of motivation to achieve your goal.

In the meantime, after the necessary beers with tasty snacks, I was 85 kilos and we decided to focus on losing weight first. After 18 weeks I was at 79 kilos. From there we continued with muscle building with the necessary results in figure and strength.
The bench press has gone from 60 to 90/95 kilos.
Now I am at the same weight as when I started with a visible difference in muscle mass. Now we're going to focus on slimming my strength.

- Remco