Get Healthier and Achieve Sustainable Results!


I help you achieve results and break through plateaus.
We always go one step further for you.


My commitment is to provide the best service and experience. My priority is helping and guiding people to transform themselves both physically and mentally. Hundreds of people have trusted me to do this.


Whether your goal is to build muscle, reduce body fat or to find structure in your training. I can help you!


What makes training at Nickshealth different? We are more than just your Personal Trainer. We are your health advisors, listening ear and above all your training partner who takes every step forward together with you!


- Teamwork makes the dream work!



During the journey for your desired body transformation, we look for the method that your body needs.
A method that is based on your lifestyle, training level, energy level, stress and the desired goal.

We start the first personal training session with an extensive intake. During this intake we will discuss your goals, your current situation, training history and experience and any injuries.

We then do a number of movement tests that assess your movement quality. Based on our conversation and the results of the movement tests, we draw up a personal plan for you.






Strength training is the consistent and systematic application of progressive training to improve body composition.
My training strategy is largely based on the body composition, anatomy and biomechanics.



I am not in favor of a diet where it is forbidden to eat certain foods and where you have to follow all kinds of rules to achieve your goals.
The best nutrition plan is the one that works for you. This means that it fits your personal preferences, goals and that you can stick with it in the long run.


Health Optimization

During the process I give you the tools and insights on how you can optimize your sleep quality, create awareness during breathing and how you can achieve sustainable behavioral changes. With the tools I give you during the program, you can influence your unwanted behavior and shape it into the desired behavior.




Personal Training

Een persoonlijk plan, ontworpen voor jou!Onze gepersonaliseerde, doelgerichte programma's hebben al honderden klanten geholpen om het gewenste vet te verliezen, spieren op te bouwen en hun gezondheid en lichaam te transformeren.

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